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Loganair Revises Fuel Surcharge Costs for Passengers

UK regional airline Loganair – which also runs services between Ireland and Britain – has revised its fuel surcharge for customers.

The carrier – which is the UK’s largest regional airline – introduced the surcharge on new ticket sales, back in March, in a bid to buffer itself against rising fuel costs.

The additional charge will now be more evenly allocated and the amount paid will depend on the duration of a passenger’s journey. It will be calculated across three zones.

Journeys under 200 miles – zone 1 – will see the charge fall from £3.95 to £1.95. The change comes into being from today.

The charge will remain at £3.95 for zone 2 – namely, journeys between 200 and 300 miles – and will actually increase to £5.95 for journeys over 300 miles, zone 3.

“We are happy to announce on our key island and local community flying, we’re halving the fuel surcharge for new bookings – as we promised we would do,” Loganair chief executive, Jonathan Hinkles was quoted as saying.

“However, fuel prices remain highly volatile. Therefore, it’s only right that we address the balance as we go into the winter, and adjust charges to reflect these costs,” Mr Hinkles said.

Earlier this month, Loganair marked the first anniversary of its Dublin-Aberdeen route by announcing an increase in seat capacity and a cut in air fares on the service.

Back in May, Loganair resumed its direct service between Dublin and Inverness, which operates four times a week and acts as a direct link from Ireland to the Scottish Highlands.

Geoff Percival
Geoff Percival
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