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Ireland Has Fifth Highest Prices in EU

Prices in Ireland are the fifth highest in the EU and the highest for alcoholic and tobacco.European Commission Logo


According to figures published by Eurostat, consumer prices in Ireland were fifth highest in the EU in 2013 at 118% of the EU average. Prices were highest in Denmark (140% of the EU28 average) followed by Sweden (130%), Luxembourg and Finland (both 123%) and lowest in Hungary (60%), Poland and Romania (both 57%) and Bulgaria (48%).

Ireland also had the highest price levels for alcoholic beverages and tobacco in the EU at 178% of the average. Prices were lowest in Bulgaria at 59% of the average.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages were also above average in Ireland at 117% of the EU average but well below Denmark in top place at 140% of the average. Poland had the lowest prices at 62% of the average.

The cost of restaurants and hotels in Ireland was also well above the EU average at 128%. Prices again were highest in Denmark at 149% of the average and lowest in Bulgaria at 47%.

Prices for consumer electronic and personal transport equipment in Ireland were also above the EU average at 105% and 111% respectively.


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