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Brand USA Unveils Musical Marketing Campaign at Pow Wow

Brand USA has unveiled its first-ever comprehensive marketing campaign at a press conference during International Pow Wow, currently underway in Los Angeles. The campaign showcases the diversity of experiences available in the USA in a fresh and unexpected light, inviting visitors to ‘Discover this land, like never before’.

“Our goal is nothing short of rekindling the world’s love affair with the USA – the place, the spirit and the dream,” said Jim Evans, Brand USA’s Chief Executive. “We want to spread America’s message of welcome around the world and invite travellers to experience the limitless possibilities the United States has to offer. So we asked ourselves: ‘How can we best speak to multiple countries, across countless languages and cultures?’ We found the answer lay in the only truly universal language – music.”

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Rosanne Cash, daughter of American music legend Johnny Cash and Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter, has composed an original song, Land of Dreams, to serve as the heart of the campaign. Initial advertisements feature Cash playing the song under New York’s Brooklyn Bridge, accompanied by musicians from around the world.

As part of its marketing efforts, Brand USA will extend invitations to musicians from around the world to come perform their music in their favourite US cities and towns, profiling their trips and favourite things about the USA online and through social media.

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Brand USA, which created the campaign in partnership with JWT, will employ a fully integrated marketing strategy, using a mix of 60-, 20- and 15-second television spots, as well as digital, billboard and print advertisements and a robust online presence and social media strategy to reach potential visitors.

Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages will showcase country specific promotions and engagements and the newly re-launched website DiscoverAmerica.com will act as visitors’ information portal for trip planning.


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