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What Are the Covid Test Requirements for Children Across Europe?

Travel is starting to open up around Europe, but most countries still have testing requirements for adults. Everything should get easier with the introduction of the EU Digital Covid Certificate from 1 July, but not for under-18s, most of whom will not be vaccinated.

While testing requirements for adults will remain fairly standard, the rules vary widely for under-18s on who is exempt and who needs a test.

These discrepancies matter a great deal, especially when it comes to travelling as a family. Depending on your destination and the ages of your children, not only can testing requirements be confusing from country to country, but they can potentially add a substantial costs to your holiday bill.

Most European countries require either a PCR test or an antigen test from a verified supplier.

So we’ve created a list of all the entry requirements for under 18s across Europe, and added them to a handy interactive map – just move your cursor over the country to see the age at which children are exempt from requiring a negative COVID test.

The information is accurate as of 16 June 2021.

Testing Requirements by Country

  • Austria Children under 10 are exempt from Austria’s strict testing requirements.
  • Belgium Children under 6 are exempt from testing requirements, as are some residents.
  • Bulgaria Children under 5 are exempt.
  • Croatia Children under 7 are exempt from testing requirements.
  • Cyprus No testing required for under 12s.
  • Czech Republic The rules on testing depend on which country you arrive from but in general children under 5 are exempt.
  • Denmark Children under 15 are exempt from testing requirements.
  • Estonia 12s and under exempt.
  • Finland Children aged under 12 are exempt in Finland.
  • France Children 11 and under are exempt.
  • Germany Children aged under 6 are exempt in Germany.
  • Greece Children under 12 are exempt from testing requirements.
  • Hungary No specific exemption for children.
  • Iceland Children 16 or under
  • Ireland Children under 5 are not required to show a negative Covid test.
  • Italy Pretty much everyone entering Italy needs a negative Covid test with only children aged two or under are exempt.
  • Latvia Under 11s exempt
  • Lithuania Under 16s exempt
  • Luxembourg Under 6s are exempt
  • Malta No specific exemption for children
  • Netherlands Children under 13 years age are exempt from testing requirements.
  • Norway Tight restrictions for almost all non-Norwegians, but under 12s are exempt from pre-arrival testing. Most, however, will be tested at the border.
  • Poland No formal exemption for children, meaning everyone can be tested, including newborns.
  • Portugal Only children aged two or under are exempt.
  • Romania Under 3s exempt from testing restrictions, which depend on where you’re travelling from.
  • Slovakia Children only exempt under order from specific doctor
  • Slovenia Children under 13 are exempt from testing.
  • Spain Children 12 and under are exempt from testing requirements.
  • Sweden All under-18s exempt from testing.
  • Switzerland under 12s exempt from the testing requirement.
  • Turkey under 6s exempt.
  • UK children under the age of 11 are exempt.




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