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”We have to get better” – IATA to publish aviation emissions proposal

Iata is poised to publish proposals for aviation emissions reporting standards, with Director general Willie Walsh insisting “as an industry, we have to get better”.

Speaking on a Capa Centre for Aviation webinar, Walsh argued: “Airlines have always focused on the amount of fuel they use. Where there have been issues is where airlines report things like CO2 per passenger kilometre and there isn’t the same standard being used. We’re working to establish a recommended practice on reporting.

Walsh said: “It is critical people have confidence when an airline is reporting [emissions] that the way they’re reporting is credible and can be verified and audited.”

He said the reporting standard could become mandatory for Iata airlines “so people aren’t abusing the system”.

“We’ve consulted widely and will be publishing something shortly. We’re debating whether we make it a requirement for airline members to report in a single way.”

He added: “Iata covers 82% of the industry. If we can get an accepted practice – and if necessary mandate it to give credibility to it – I believe the rest of the industry will follow.”


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