Watersports in Salou – Enjoy the Sea!

Watersports in Salou – Enjoy the Sea!

Salou is a member of the Costa Daurada Estació Náutica Water Sports Centre, along with the towns of Cambrils, Mont-roig, Miami Platja, L’Hospitalet and Ametlla de Mar. There are some nine kilometres of coastline in Salou, so you can take full advantage of everything the sea has to offer, thanks to the region’s excellent weather and the mild temperature of the water, which lets the summer season stretch out to practically the entire year.

Here are just some of the wide range of nautical sports you can practice in the waters of Salou:

Banana Boat Rides

Also known as a water sled. Every year, thousands of people have a blast as they try to stay atop this large cylindrical rubber ‘banana’ as it is pulled at top speed through the water and makes lots of crazy and sharp turns to try to get you to topple off. Try it with your partner, family, friends or children.


A sea of sensations that will just keep on growing as you improve your technique of being pulled fast over the water on skis. You can also try out wakeboarding.


Kayaking will let you enjoy the sea with no noisy motors, totally naturally. Paddle at your own pace in this symbiosis with nature.


Leaping over the waves, making radical turns and leaving trails as you plane over the water will make you feel a true sense of freedom.

Paddle Board

Have a great leisurely time as you paddle while standing up on a board. This new sport hails from the coasts of Hawaii and will help you develop a great sense of balance.

Salou Story 5


Parasailing was invented in Acapulco over 20 years ago and requires three key items: a fast boat, an enormous parachute, and a desire to fly.


Breaking news: You will be out on the sea sailing from the very first day! After a short theoretical introduction to the fundamentals of sailing, and accompanied by an instructor from the Estació Nàutica, or Marine Resort, in one of their safety boats, you will soon be enjoying the sea and wind in its purest state. More advanced sailors can take improvement or refresher courses in theoretical and practical areas. There are Optimist, Laser, Europe and 470 classes, and even cruisers.


This is a variation of waterskiing but on a single board instead of skis. Let yourself be pulled at top speed by a boat, and try jumping over the waves. Pure adrenaline.


Windsurfing can be practiced throughout the year, from very beginners to the most advanced. The sunny Mediterranean climate has hot summers with gentle sea breezes and a flat and crystalline sea, making it perfect for beginners. On some afternoons the Garbi starts to blow, a strong southwest wind, at force BF 4-5, making it time for the most advanced windsurfers to head out to sea.

Pedal Boat and Motorised Pedal Boat

This beach activity is perfect for the entire family. Take a spin along the coast, with two options, the traditional pedal boat or motorised pedal boat, sharing the ride with friends or family. Slide down the slide to take a refreshing dip!


There is a wide range of enticing and relaxing sea excursions that depart from the Salou, Cambrils and Hospitalet marinas. You will surely find one that will fit your exact style and interests.

Doughnut Rides

Be pulled by a boat, slicing through the waves, on a giant doughnut – but hold on tight if you don’t want to fall in!

Fly Board

Do you want to discover what it is like when ‘flying’ a few metres above the sea? With Fly Board you will experience this unique feeling. Get on the board, dive into the water and enjoy this amazing activity.


Let adrenaline and emotions flow with Salou Tornado, an experience that will make you shout, laugh and have fun like no other. The 360º spins, lightning speeds, sudden braking and acceleration are pure adrenaline!

If all of this isn’t enough, the Marine Resort offers numerous other ways to discover the sights around Salou, with complementary activities such as mountain biking, adventure sports, horse rides, hiking, quad-bike outings…

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