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Visit Prague and Learn about Charles IV

Katerina Hobbs, Director Czech Tourism UK and Ireland, was in Dublin recently and gave an excellent presentation, in the Czech Embassy, on Charles IV, King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor, who was born 700 years ago in 1316 and whose exploits throughout his reign were marked by the building of many castles, cathedral and universities, most of which are still standing today and can be viewed by tourists visiting Prague and other regions of the Czech Republic.

Gabrielle Gilmartin, FCm Travel Solutions, and Petr Kubera, Czech Embassy

State-owned castles and châteaux are also launching the Year of the House of Luxembourg, during which various events and programmes will commemorate the birth of Charles IV.

Turtle Bunbury
Turtle Bunbury

Author and historian Turtle Bunbury, who has visited Prague on many occasions, gave a most interesting talk on Charles IV as one of the most influential kings of the 14th century. Although encouraged by Rome to move the headquarters of the Holy Roman Empire, Charles insisted on keeping Prague as the centre of his kingdom.


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