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VeriFLY Takes Stress Out of Travelling

A key piece of tech for future travel will undoubtedly be the VeriFLY app, which takes the stress out of travel by allowing passengers to readily verify Covid-19 test certificates and other Covid documentation before they fly.

While the EU Digital Covid cert is the document to have in hand for travel within the EU, VeriFLY adds an extra element of security and reassurance because it can be used for travel beyond the EU. Conveniently, you can also upload your EU Digital Covid Cert into it.

Aer Lingus is the first Irish airline to trial it, but it is also being used by British Airways and American Airlines.

I travelled to the United States this week using VeriFLY.

Before I left, I downloaded the app and filled in the required details – in this case my flight details, name and negative result of my COVID-19 test.

Once everything is approved, I got the green check – which meant I was free to travel.

At the boarding gate, all I had to show was my boarding pass, passport and VeriFLY pass – no need for any other documentation.

Avoiding Bitter Disappointment

A woman in front of me, however, wasn’t so lucky.

She didn’t know that despite being a U.S. citizen she still had to provide proof of a negative test, and was upset when she was told that she wouldn’t be able to board without one.

The staff were lovely and sympathetic, but there was nothing they could do other than to reassure her that once she had her test she would be able to board the next available flight home to Chicago.

The app has been pioneered by private software company, Daon, which also works with some of the world’s leading banking and credit card companies.

The software allows people to combine travel verification documents and Covid-19 test results in one place, ensuring travellers are fully compliant with the entry requirements for their destination before leaving home.

Certified customers will be fast-tracked through a separate queue at the boarding gate.


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