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Update on Travel to Greece from Aegean Airlines

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and effective from midnight Greek time 20 March until 4 April, restrictions on entry into Greece to any individual, regardless of their nationality, will apply as follows:


  • Individuals are required to remain in self-isolation/quarantine for 14 days on arrival and notify their contact information to the appropriate authorities.
  • No entry to Greece will be allowed to individuals not accepting the aforementioned requirements.
  • Aircraft crew are exempt.
  • State, emergency and sanitary flights are exempt.

Cabin crew will make an announcement stating the above requirements are enforced and notify all passengers, regardless of their nationality, that they must put themselves into 14 days self-isolation/quarantine on arrival in Greece.

The below should be followed with immediate effect:

  • Travel agencies must provide passengers’ personal contact details, not agency contact details, in every PNR.
  • All passengers must provide their personal contact details during check in.

The local authorities will contact the passengers only if needed.

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