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Up in the air: 1 in 3 Irish adults plan to travel over the holiday season

Irish people are gearing up to travel over the Christmas holidays, according to data from Finder.

The Travel Index revealed that one in three Irish people plan to travel over December, January, February.

This is an increase from last month when just 22% of people said they would be open to travelling short-term.

International travel is particularly popular, with 22% of people planning to travel abroad over the coming three months, up from 12% last month. 

Meanwhile, domestic travel is up only slightly, with 15% of people planning to travel, up from 14% last month. 

Finder Head of Consumer Insights, Graham Cooke says travel plans are set to peak in December. “Travel plans for both domestic and international travel are set to peak in December, before tapering off in the first few months of 2022.  23% of Irish adults plan to travel over the month of December, while just under 10% of people plan to travel in either January or February. 

“It’s not surprising to see a spike in travel around this time, with people hoping to see their family and friends for the holiday celebrations,” Cooke said.

Finder’s Travel Index is an ongoing survey, which has so far gathered responses from more than 220,000 people globally. 

You can read the full report here.


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