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Turkish Airlines to Appoint a Sales and Traffic Agent

Turkish Airlines is looking to appoint a Sales and Traffic Agent based in Dublin. To apply, go to: www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/866156194/.

Job Description

The successful applicant will be required to carry out Reservation/Booking, Ticket Sales, Information and Passenger Traffic (Check-in, Manifest Preparation) services at the Sales Office / Airport Office or at both, as designated by the Sales Manager, and to work at the Agency Support Desk when needed due to operational reasons.

  • Calculates the fare and arranges the route as per requests of the passengers, provides information to the passengers in relation to schedule, fares (APT-ABC), and ensures the required co-ordination.
  • Performs reservation/booking for the passengers applying to the counter, in person; uses CRT, and performs ticketing.
  • Issues tickets for Domestic and International lines, MCOs (Manual Change Orders), Excess Baggage Ticket; changes such tickets; and performs the processes in relation to return of the same.
  • Performs Endorsement and Rerouting processes.
  • Welcomes the aircraft; and ensures co-ordination and communication by and between the crew, handling agent, catering, cleaning, air traffic, customs and immigration.
  • Ensures that all daily flight documents are prepared in full and complete; places the orders for daily catering services; and keeps any and all kinds of records in relation to the flights.
  • Performs reservation/booking; and files the post-flight documents accurately and in full; and performs statistical actions in respect of the flight coupons.
  • In respect of processes for Lost Baggage, ensures that any lost baggage is found and delivered to their owners, by ensuring co-ordination with the handling agent.
  • Carries out the necessary FIM processes in case of issuance of a FIM (Flight Interrupt Manifest).
  • Reports and registers any operational income-cost-financing and financial statistical information to the relevant IT systems such as SAP, ERP, DOP as required by the Management.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Minimum high school graduation (2/4 years of university degree is preferred)
  • Permanent residence permit in Ireland (the company will not provide or assist with work permits)
  • Experience in civil aviation or tourism (minimum one year)
  • Ability to cope with situations that create pressure
  • Good command of English and local language(s)
  • Availability to work in shifts, including overnight
  • Being a team player
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Good knowledge and experience of a major Computer Reservations System
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Ability to make decisions accurately and effectively
  • Must have ticketing experience.


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