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TUI BLUE Launches Pre-Loved Summer Library Scheme

In a survey of 1000 adults commissioned by TUI’s leading global hotel brand TUI BLUE, one in five adults admitted to only ever reading a book while on holiday and 75% wished they had the opportunity to read more. To celebrate the introduction of a second hand book swap scheme at hotels this summer, TUI BLUE’s research has also revealed holidaymakers’ top poolside reads.

The study revealed the most popular genres of books to be Romance, Mysteries and Thrillers, with women being more avid readers on holiday than men. 30% of us admit to trying different types books and changing it up on holiday.

Craig Morgan, Head of Ireland, comments: “Finding the time to relax is so important and losing yourself in a book is the perfect way to escape and unwind. In day-to-day life it can be easy to get wrapped up in what you’re doing from minute to minute, and hard to make time to get stuck into a book. And when do you have more quality time to unwind than on holiday? Whether on the flight to get there, on a sun lounger round the pool or whilst savouring a cool drink in the shade, holidays provide the time and space to create those ‘me moments’ it’s difficult to find at home.”

70% of people are too busy with family to read very much, or at all, in their day to day lives according to the study. For 25% work gets in the way, while for 16% other hobbies take priority over reading. We’re also a nation of book borrowers and lenders with 91% of people saying they’re happy to donate a book they have read while 73% say they’re happy to ask friends for book recommendations before they head off on holiday.

Craig adds: “Book-borrowing is a growing trend and it’s something we’ve certainly seen in our hotels, with guests leaving reads for other holidaymakers to enjoy. This summer, we’re making it super easy for people with a new book swap scheme in a number of our top destinations. Pick up a pre-loved book and share a few words of recommendation – or warning – with a personal note saying why you loved or hated your read.”

TUI BLUE now has over 100 hotels under its banner as well as ambitious global growth plans. The brand has a number of intriguing initiatives for guests in the pipeline in addition to the TUI BLUE pre-loved book swap scheme, which will be operating in a number of selected hotels in Europe this summer.

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