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Tropical Medical Bureau Group Proposes Guidelines for Covid-19 Immunity Certificate

As the discussion around Covid-19 immunity grows, there is a clear and obvious need to be prepared in terms of demonstrating such immunity to employers for those returning to work and to immigration authorities when undertaking international travel.

Within many sections of society (including specific groups such as aid workers, health workers and government officials needing to travel urgently as part of the pandemic response) proof of immunity is certain to be an essential component in allowing a rebooting of society towards normality.

The Tropical Medical Bureau Group – TMB (IE) and Nomad Travel (UK) – in association with pharmaceutical and vaccine partners, proposes that guidelines in regard to an immunity certificate for Covid-19 must be developed urgently to allow policy makers and public health bodies provide a globally accepted certification of immunity.

The TMB Group, one of the leading providers of vaccination certificates in Europe, said that the protocols and design of a Covid-19 immunity certificate should be influenced by the World Health Organisation’s recognised international certificate used to show cover against Yellow Fever. The guidelines for such a certificate can be rapidly developed and be presented in the form of a short internationally acceptable report.

The report would include key elements such as:

  1. Reasoning and need for an International Certificate of Covid-19 immunity
  2. Recommendations for design and layout of the certificate
  3. Certificate production guidelines
  4. Authorisation guidelines

Last week Chile announced that it will now issue certificates to individuals who have recovered from Covid-19 in the hope that it will speed up their reintegration into their communities.


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