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Travelling from Home with New KLM iFly VR Experience

Now, if you are in the mood for a faraway trip, you won’t even have to leave your home. With the new iFly virtual reality (VR), you can take a virtual trip. KLM’s online platform uses VR to let visitors experience a near-lifelike journey. KLM wants to inspire people to travel and discover the world with the help of the latest technology.

iFly VR captures some of the most beautiful places in the world in 360 degrees and is hosted by the famous ‘Fearless Chef’, Kiran Jethwa. In the first of three editions, Jethwa takes the viewers to the Thai jungle where he goes in search of the world’s most remarkable cup of coffee.

Jungle region in northern Thailand

“By introducing virtual reality, KLM is blazing a new trail to inspire people and give them the ultimate experience,” said Boet Kreiken, Executive Vice President Customer Experience, KLM. “Our digital magazine reaches millions of people. With the help of iFly, we are constantly looking for new ways to surprise our readers.”

Production process

In the first episode, Jethwa guides his viewers through the delicate production process, from coffee bean to steaming cup of coffee. The VR experience ensures that you really experience it up close. This special coffee is produced with the help of elephants, which literally puts you face-to-face with these majestic beasts.

Travel videos

KLM has a reputation to uphold when it comes to applying technological innovation to provide customers with a memorable travel experience and has introduced iFly VR to emphasise this.

Asian elephant makes a trunk call

Very soon, iFly will show breath-taking travel videos that allow you to see 360 degrees around you. You will have time to take in all the splendour of the surroundings, so it is nearly as impressive as real travel. You can enjoy the new videos with VR glasses, or on a tablet or smartphone. So anyone can take a long journey from the comfort of their own home. You will ride across rivers, sit among the locals at a ceremony – you can almost feel the sun warming your head. Wearing the VR glasses, you can imagine yourself sitting or walking next to the presenter as he walks through the rainforest, meets indigenous tribes, or pets an elephant.

Members of Akha tribe in Thailand

KLM’s next iFly VR production will take place in Hawaii.


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