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Travel Tip Tuesday with Irish Ferries

This week’s #TravelTipTuesday comes from Irish Ferries. These tips will help you settle on board and make the most of your time on a ferry!

1. You can always make room

Use vacuum pack bags. Put all your clothes in them, so you can double the amount without taking up too much space. Luckily there are no weight restrictions on board!

2. Home away from home

For the little ones, bring something small that reminds them of comfort. This can be a favourite blanket or teddy to help them feel at home.

3. Enjoy the journey

Don’t forget the journey is as exciting as the trip itself. Celebrate the travelling and things to do onboard. The journey isn’t just a means to an end – it’s a stop along the way.

4. Take time to relax

Make sure to download a few episodes of your favourite TV show on your phone or tablet to watch. You can relax for a while and it will make the crossing go by in no time at all!

5. Extra benefits

Whatever reason for travel, upgrade yourself to our Club Class lounges on board for extra benefits including priority boarding and complimentary drinks and snacks and drinks.

Thanks to Irish Ferries for their tips, be sure to let us know via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter how you get on!


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