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Travel Tip Tuesday: Nicola Brady, Travel Writer

Travel writer and ITTN contributor Nicola Brady has been travelling the world for years, and over that time has accumulated a few golden travel tips. She shares *some* of them with us here for #TravelTipTuesday.

She also has a “foolproof” (her words!) set of tips on how to avoid the worst effects of jetlag, but they’ll have to keep for another time!

Stay on a Sunday

If you’re heading away for a weekend break, try to incorporate a Sunday night into your stay. Rates often fall dramatically on a Sunday, particularly in cities like London and New York. An added bonus? You can enjoy a long and lazy brunch or a Sunday roast without having to race off to the airport afterwards.

Clear off your bed

This may sound like an odd one, but bear with me! While covid precautions have largely done away with the additional bed dressings in hotel rooms, there are still some places that crowd the bed with blankets, throws and cushions. But as soon as I check into a hotel room, I remove these and put them to one side for the duration of my stay. Sure, they might look good, but they’re rarely (if ever) washed, even in the most luxurious properties. You really, realy don’t want to think about what’s on them…

Bring a bulldog clip

It’s amazing how many hotel rooms have thick blackout curtains that don’t actually meet in the middle. If you’re battling jet lag (or are just plain knackered) that little stream of light will be a nightmare at 6am. Pack a simple bulldog clip and you’ll fix the issue – just clamp the curtains together, as high as you can reach. It barely takes up any space in your suitcase, but you’ll be glad of it if you need it.

Stay wrinkle free

We all have those pieces of clothing that crease the moment you look at them. But if you can’t be bothered lugging the iron out (or your room doesn’t have one) hang it up in the bathroom after you’ve had a hot shower – the residual steam will make the wrinkles drop right out. If you really want to amp things up a notch, pack a little spray bottle with a mix of water and fabric softener (95ml/5ml), spray it on your clothes and pull them slightly. When they’re dry, they’ll look perfect.

Be nice!

It sounds like a no brainer, but if you hang around a hotel reception desk for an hour you’ll witness firsthand the bad attitudes staff deal with every day. It’s amazing how a smile and a bit of chat can suddenly free up a room with a view…


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