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Travel Tip Tuesday: Michelle Ryan from Royal Caribbean

Michelle goes crazy for the Caribbean. Whether it’s an all-inclusive or an all-out adventure it’s the perfect blend for her. Naturally she’s drawn to the sea side of things and will recommend a Caribbean cruise ‘til the cows come home but even before she was loyal to Royal she was an avid fan of the Caribbean.

The locals are so lovely, the seas are so stunning and the cocktails are constantly flowing! Having experienced a number of islands over the years, here are Michelle’s top tips for why you should choose the Caribbean and how best to enjoy and appreciate your time there:

  1. Make mine a multi-centre! If you’re heading for the tropical islands of the Caribbean don’t just settle for one. Each island has something different than the last and they are bursting with authentic differences. Just because theregion is closely grouped together doesn’t mean that there aren’t wildly different cultures from spot to spot. Whichisof course what makes a Royal Caribbean cruise the perfect option 😉 But even with a cruise, turn your seven nighter into a ten and spend some time exploring the homeports that so often get dismissed as an entry/exit point. Take your time, get settled in to the Caribbean lifestyle and give yourself time to acclimatise to that glorious Caribbean weather.
  2. Take the Thrill with the Chill. The Caribbean doesn’t always have to be just drop and flop. While sitting on a Bahamian white sand beach having someone wait on your every need may be oh so tempting there is so much more to the Caribbean than sun, sea and sand in your toes. Kayak around the pitonsin St. Lucia, zip-line through therainforests in St. Thomas, climb up Dunn’s River Falls in Jamaica or take an ATV tour in Aruba. Then enjoy your sail away evenings with a sundowner on deck as you cruise to your next adventure-filled island. If you’re heading for Perfect Day at Coco Cay in the Bahamas you can do both! Take a spin down Devil’s Peak, the tallest slide in North America, then pop over to the Beach Club and sip on a Bahama Mama. The perfect balance 😊
  3. Under the Sea! While the Caribbean waters are stunning to look at from above, underneath there is an entire world to explore. If you’re on a longer stay then take the time to get your Padi diving cert so you are free to explore the breath-taking reefs at your leisure. Take for example a cruise on Grandeur of the Seas from Bridgetown in Barbados – if you’re an avid diver then during your seven (or fourteen) night trip you are presented with a different part of the Caribbean Sea to explore every day. The last thing you want to do is waste time going through the motions with beginners at every port. Get certified and get exploring! Just remember though – look but don’t touch. The coral of the Caribbean is a fascinating piece of nature but is so easily damaged and depleted. Admire to your heart’s content but leave it as remarkable as you found it. When I’m in the Caribbean you can’t keep me out of the water – I genuinely think I’m part mermaid! ‘Darlin’, it’s better, down where it’s wetter – take it from me!’ – Sebastian, The Little Mermaid
  4. Know where you’re going. While it’s always tempting to set out solo and explore, it’s not always the safestor wisest option. You could get lost, hurt, run into trouble – or simply miss out on something incredible simply by not knowing it’s there. Trust your concierge or shore excursions team to give you the best tips, book you on the right tours and point out the highlights for you. It’s literally their job to know every inch of the island on offer so give them the benefit of the doubt and don’t miss out! And while out and about support the local businesses.
  5. Taste the authenticity! From fresh seafood caught that day to local distilleries, the Caribbean has some of the most incredible offerings for your tastebuds. If you’re visiting Barbados then go straight for the home of rum with the Mount Gay distillery and do a tasting. Overdid it too much on the all-inclusive bar? Ask for some fresh coconut water – it’ll likely be pulled from the tree and cut open in front of you. Forgot to add the factor 50 to your pasty Irish legs? Ask for some aloe that will also likely be cut from the plant there and then and handed to you. The word fresh doesn’t even do it justice!

Thank you Michelle for your amazing Caribbean tips, we can’t wait to get back to the Caribbean and also on a Royal Caribbean Cruise!


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