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Travel Tip Tuesday from ITTN’s Katie McGowan

This week’s #traveltiptuesday is from Katie McGowan, who is ITTN’s newest member on the social media team. She shares her general tips for a successful trip – anywhere.

  • I’d recommend reading some reviews of the places you’re staying, as some cheap options can be very dod
    gy (I know from experience).
  • Make sure to check the currencies of the country you’re travelling to, it’s generally better to change money before you go, as commission rates in the airport and in the country can be quite high.
  • Safety first: check if the hotel has a safe, and if so split cash and keep your passport and valuables in the safe. It’s a good idea to have your bank card on your phone as that way you don’t have to bring your cards out with you, but make sure you tell your bank you’re travelling so they don’t block you.
  • Revolut is also great for travelling as there’s generally little or no fees, they have great exchange rates and it makes splitting bills much easier.
  • Check out the geotag location on Instagram as people who’ve tagged it might inspire you with things to do and places to visit.


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