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Travel Tales with ITTN

As travel professionals we all have stories to tell. From crazy adventures to crazy clients, our industry is full of remarkable tales, many of which begin with “you’re not going to believe what happened…”

We at ITTN want to hear those stories – the more unbelievable, the better.

We’re inviting the travel trade to share their favourite stories with us so that we can share them with the travel community.

The stories can be about anything:

  • A funny memory from a client
  • Your best travel memory memory
  • The funniest thing that happened you on a holiday or a fam trip

Imagine you’re sitting in Graham Norton’s red chair – except there’s no lever to be pulled!

Email [email protected] with your travel tale and a photo of yourself (either a headshot or a holiday pic), message us on Facebook or DM us on Instagram.

You never know, the funniest stories might win a prize!


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