Travel-Hungry Customers Want New Adventures

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Travel-Hungry Customers Want New Adventures

Once-in-a-Lifetime Holidays, Spontaneous Trips and Personal Growth: Over Half of Brits Vow to ‘Never say Never’ Post-Pandemic

  • New research finds that more than half (53 per cent) of Brits want to make up for lost time by never saying no again
  • Travel (46 per cent) topped the list of things Brits plan to say ‘yes’ more often to post-pandemic
  • 61 per cent said the pandemic has made them re-evaluate what’s important, with 45 per cent wanting to make better lifestyle and behaviour changes

As the UK eases out of lockdown and slowly returns to normality, new research carried out by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) reveals that half (53 per cent) of Brits want to make up for lost time by never saying no to things they want to do again. According to the survey, 46 per cent of the participants are ready to step outside their comfort zone, with more than a third (35 per cent) vowing to say ‘yes’ to things more often post-pandemic. The top 10 things Brits plan to say yes to includes travel (46 per cent), trying something new (44 per cent) and nights out (40 per cent).

Although this survey focuses on the travel habits of our nearest neighbours, you could imagine that a similar survey taken in Ireland would reveal roughly the same results.

Top 10 things Brits plan to say yes to more often

  1. Travel (46%)
  2. Spending more time with family and friends (45%)
  3. Trying something new (44%)
  4. Nights out (40%)
  5. Talking to new people (36%)
  6. Spontaneous nights out (35%)
  7. Spending money (30%)
  8. Getting creative (26%)
  9. Date night (23%)
  10. Volunteering (21%)

Reasons for saying yes include wanting to learn more about themselves (29 per cent), seeing things from a new perspective (31 per cent), and wanting to fulfil a lifelong dream (22 per cent). Over half (56 per cent) are now simply living by the ‘life is too short’ mantra.

Saying yes to travel in 2021 and beyond is high on the UK’s agenda, despite the current travel ban. To make up for lost time, a quarter (26 per cent) plan to book their dream trip sooner than expected, whilst half (52 per cent) expect to go on multiple trips. Instead of short-lived weekend getaways, 33 per cent are wanting longer holidays and just over a third (35 per cent) plan on spending more time abroad. More than half (56 per cent) intend to take more spontaneous trips and 64 per cent look forward to visiting new destinations.

As Brits looked for an escape during lockdown, the survey found that over half (56 per cent) dream of travelling again and 55 per cent have been busy planning or booking their next trip. What’s more, 44 per cent intend to treat themselves to a little luxury whilst on holiday after a challenging year.

“The pandemic has reminded the nation that life is for living”, said Eamonn Ferrin, NCL Vice President & Managing Director in the UK, Ireland, Middle East and Africa. “It’s uplifting to see that Brits are embracing new challenges and experiences.”


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