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Travel Counsellors Agents Cruise their Way to Extra Training

Leading independent travel company, Travel Counsellors, has recorded a 60 per cent increase in cruise sales in April and May 2022, compared to the same months in 2019. The travel company has also boosted its cruise specific training and launched a new ‘Set Sail’ toolkit for agents.

Travel Counsellors has also experienced a 15 per cent increase in cruise sales from November 2021 to April 2022 – a growth that is being particularly driven by premium (+31 percent) and luxury (+22 percent) cruise lines. Together with these, the travel company has also seen an increase in expedition cruise sales this year and predicts a good winter for Caribbean cruises.

Since travel restrictions lifted earlier this year, Travel Counsellors has been offering its TCs a plethora of unique cruise specific training, such as ‘TC Together’ events and ‘take over’ days – with more to come in June, including cruise roadshows in Manchester (22 June), Birmingham (28 June) and London (30 June).

Janet Whittingham, Head of Cruise at Travel Counsellors, said: “We are so passionate about cruise.  Following the record-breaking leisure sales experienced by Travel Counsellors over the last few months, the cruise market is not falling behind and we are pleased to see that sales have increased 60 per cent in April and May. Luxury and expedition cruises are the most popular choices at the moment – especially Caribbean cruises. Looking at 2023, we predict that Alaska, Australia and New Zealand cruises will make a strong comeback, together with family cruising.” 

Janet Whittingham- credit Cruise Trade News
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