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Tourism Fiji has Unveiled a New Global Brand Platform

Tourism Fiji has unveiled a new global brand platform, ’Where happiness comes naturally’, produced alongside global creative agency Host/Havas and media agency Havas Media.

It’s 12 years since the island nation’s first destination marketing campaign, which encouraged visitors to find their happiness in Fiji, the new brand platform shifts the focus to the local people, beautiful natural environment, culture, and unique experiences that Fiji offers, showing visitors that the source of the islands’ happiness is discovered in the breadth and depth of Fijian culture itself.

Tourism Fiji chief marketing officer, Emma Campbell said, “Our happiness brand platform has attracted people from all over the world. We have always told the Fiji story from the perspective of visitors, but we wanted to flip the narrative and show that the source of happiness a Fijian holiday brings, is Fijian culture itself. We’re proud to roll out this meaningful brand platform; ‘Where happiness comes naturally’ which celebrates the people of Fiji, showing that here, happiness really does come naturally to us, but there is more than enough to share.”

The Tourism Fiji team and agency partners worked with local Fijians, making sure the Fijian culture was authentically and meaningfully represented. 

This resulted in Fijian culture being at the heart of the platform, which was stunningly captured in static imagery by renowned National Geographic photographer Matthieu Paley.

The new logo, which combines modern typography with the traditional Fijian art form of masi, was designed in collaboration with third-generation Fjjian masi artist Wati Maraiwai Talavutu. She said: “Being given the opportunity to create a new logo that celebrates our heritage and showcases our traditions to the world has been an incredible experience. I’m proud to be a part of this new campaign that honours the rich and diverse cultures and traditions that exist within Fiji.” 

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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