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Toronto, Istria and Wakayama Tops in Lonely Planet Reader’s Choice Awards

Toronto, Wakayama in Japan and the Istrian coast of Croatia came out tops for diversity, sustainability and community in Lonely Planet’s latest Reader’s Choice Awards.

Toronto won out in the diversity category, with Lonely Planet referencing the Canadian city’s motto of ‘Diversity Our Strength.’ It described the Ontario capital as being “home to 250 ethnicities, who speak more than 170 languages, creating an invigorating verve in its enthic enclaves — there are two Little Italys here, three Chinatowns, countless others — and forming rich bouts of nouveau creativity where customs commonly collide.” The popular guidebook’s readers nominated Toronto for its “rich indigenous heritage,” its “beautiful mix of history and people” and described the city as “inclusive and welcoming.”

The sustainability award went to the Japanese city of Wakayama. It’s described in quite stunning terms: “the Great Outdoors works as the Great Healer: natural hot springs soak heavy shoulders; slow pilgrimage routes cut through minds like they do rainforests; and meditative hikes across unspoiled mountains help calm the soul.” Readers waxed lyrical about the city’s commitment to nature, with one writing “the experience of returning to nature [is] irreplaceable.”

Meanwhile, the beautiful Istrian coast of Croatia won the community prize, given for “the rich experiences found inland, particularly homestays on farms and the laid-back local atmosphere of tiny hilltop villages.”

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