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Topflight announce redundancies as a result of their Strategic Review

In June, Topflight announced a strategic review of its business in response to the impact of Covid-19. This review is now completed and the company, alongside many others in the travel industry, has had to make some difficult decisions in regard to staffing levels going forward. These decisions have been made in light of what is forecast to be a relatively slow industry recovery.
Tony Collins founder and chairman of the Irish owned and managed tour operator said “Engaging in a consultation process with our loyal staff was an incredibly difficult decision for us to take. Unfortunately, it was necessary as we had to respond to the current challenging and highly uncertain market conditions and review business efficiencies. Undertaking this consultation process has allowed us to protect the maximum number of jobs possible and safeguard the future of our business.”
“Unfortunately, some job losses were inevitable. Today, we are making 19 redundancies out of our overall team of 230 full time and seasonal staff. On a personal level it is a very sad day for me to part company with a number of highly skilled and talented team members who have contributed so much to the company over many years and who have forged wonderful friendships with the travel agents, supplier partners and the travel media. Their tremendous contribution over the years have ​been instrumental in bringing Topflight to where it is today.”
“Impacted and highly regarded by the trade, are Maurice Shiels and Shauna Kelly who have been wonderful trade ambassadors for Topflight. Maurice started with the company over 15 years ago rising to the position of Sales Director. Shauna is with the company for 4 years in the role of Reseller Development Manager. They worked very well together and organised some wonderful travel trade events on behalf of Topflight, hosted some highly entertaining and enjoyable travel agent familiarisation trips and offered a high level of understanding and support to the travel agents.”Shauna Kelly and Maurice Shiels
“The restructure has also affected other members of our team including some familiar faces, Ruth Connolly, Product Manager; Tara Kavanagh, Revenue Manager; Melissa Whelan & Yasmine Dennis from our Sales Team; and Jonathan Howitt & Grace Collins from our cruise department who will also be leaving the company.”
“On behalf of the Collins family I would like to express my appreciation for the very valuable contribution that they have made to Topflight over the years and wish them all well as they embark on a new chapter in their lives.”
“I would like to thank our travel partners for your ongoing support in these very difficult times, we truly appreciate it.”



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