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Tobago Tourism Going Independent at WTM London

Tobago Tourism is launching an independent marketing programme separate from Trinidad at WTM London this  November. The Caribbean island is famous as the island of Robinson Crusoe. The Tobago Tourism team, led by Louis Lewis, Chief Executive, visited Dublin to present a preliminary view of the plans and entertained media and agents at the Fitzwilliam Hotel.

Clem Walshe, Local Marketing; Fiona Dobbyn and Marek Maslowiec, Classic Resorts; Sarah Lloyd- Morrison, AMG; Louis Lewis, Tobago Tourism; and Jill Maguire, Tropical Sky

Louis informed the guests of the four main planks that the strategy will be based on requiring Tobago to stand out as a destination in its own right.

Having identified the four distinct aspects of the island’s appeal under the headings of Sea and Beaches, Eco Adventure and Nature, Local Culture, People and Heritage, and finally Romance and Weddings, the island is set fair for a great new start as a single entity.

With its new slogan, ‘Tobago Beyond’the island is set fair to develop into a major holiday destination.


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