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Think Turkey – Think Cotton Castles!

“Pamukkale is an unusual, natural and historical site and one of the most extraordinary, amazing and enchanting natural wonders in Turkey,” writes Joan Scanlon, Head of Sales & Operations, Wings Abroad Holidays. THINK TURKEY-landscape


“The name Pamukkale means ‘cotton castle’ and the venue is, quite simply, spectacular! The big attraction is a vast white cliff-side with scallop-shaped basins of water and frozen waterfalls. It looks as if it is made out of snow or cloud or balls of cotton – quite an amazing sight.

Pamukkale (1)

“What an experience it is to walk along the top of the cliff where centuries of mineral-filled water spilling over the edges has left these snowy white cascades. Take a dip in the enchanting hot thermal springs known as Cleopatra’s pool and enjoy the most relaxing experience ever.

Pamukkale • (RF) Turkey Jan McGready • Trannies Returned

“This World Heritage Site has been used as a spa since the second century BC and the fairyland area of Pamukkale is a ‘must-see’ during any holiday in Turkey.”

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