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These Are The Most Instagrammed Olympic Stadiums Of All Time

As the world continues to be captivated by Olympic Fever, this company has rounded up the most tagged stadiums on Instagram. Orthopaedic expert FootActive has analysed the most Instagrammed Olympic stadiums of all time, to find out which location is the most popular to snap a pic.

And the winner is…


Montreal Olympic Stadium Instagram
Image from stadiumdbcom 

Built in the 1970s for the 1976 summer Olympics, the original plans for the shell-like stadium included a 175m mast and retractable roof. Unfortunately, it wasn’t completed in time for the games, due to harsh winters and a labour strike. However, the stadium opened on 17th July 1976 holding a huge 76,000 spectators, ten years later and the mast and roof were finally completed.

Here is how the rest of the list played out…

Montreal: 2,800 hashtags

Berlin: 1,800

Athens: 1,300

Munich: 978

Seoul: 489

Beijing: 563

Helsinki: 261

Amsterdam: 460

London: 959

Rome: 220

Barcelona: 744

Tokyo: 43

Tokyo is still bringing up the rear, but all that is set to change in the coming years, when visitors will no doubt flock to see the stadium for the 2020 games.


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