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The World’s Best Cities for Vegetarians

London has come out tops in an index of cities best-suited to vegetarians, with Dublin landing a very creditable 26th in the list of world cities that cater to those on a plant-based diet.

  • London is the highest ranking city in the index, scoring strongly for the affordability of fruits and vegetables and its number of vegetarian-friendly restaurants. Berlin and Munich rank second and third.
  • Edinburgh has the most vegetarian-friendly restaurants per population, followed by Munich and Ubud.
  • Taipei tops the list for the average rating of its top 10 vegetarian restaurants, beating Detroit and Tokyo.
  • London ranks #1 for vegetarian festivals and events, ahead of New York and Chicago.
  • Dublin ranks 26 out of 75.

According a survey by housing platform Nestpick, London topped a list of 200 global cities considering factors such as the price of fruits, vegetables and plant-based protein products, as well as the number and quality of restaurants catering for vegetarian choices.

The study began by considering over 200 cities that are popular for relocation and have a good reputation with vegetarians. Cities were removed where comparable data could not be obtained, resulting in an index of 75 of the most vegetarian-friendly cities. Nestpick then considered which factors are most important for vegetarians to live a happy and healthy life.

These factors included the affordability of maintaining a plant-based diet; the availability and quality of vegetarian restaurants; and the number of vegetarian events and festivals in each location.

Dublin’s overall score of 94.55 put it just behind Miami (94.65) but ahead of Cape Town, Madrid and the US capital, Washington, DC. Check out the complete survey here.






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