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The Joy of Travel: Day Three of Sharon’s Visit to Malaga

And so it is with all good things – they must come to an end. But before I said goodbye to Malaga and my Fam trip pals, we still had a whole other day in the wonderful Andalusian city of Malaga.

We started off the day with another wonderful breakfast, and then followed Kathryn McDonnell of the Spanish Tourist Board around the city of Malaga. We wandered in and out of little boutiques and into a traditional market that was just made for taking pictures.

From here we continued to the birthplace of artist Pablo Picasso and then onto the museum dedicated to his work. Both are worth a visit as both are unique to Malaga. After this, we made our way to yet another incredible lunch in xx high up in the mountain side we were treated to the best views out over the city and costa.

We dined on the finest cuisine and made toasts to a trip worthy of our first steps back into travel. But alas all things come to an end, and as we made our way to the airport we were treated to a stop at the Automobile and Fashion Museum which brightened the spirits. Another great museum worth the visit.


Back on the coach, a silence descended as we realised we were almost at the airport. Followed by talk of how to get the word out that Spain and indeed Europe was open again!

Sharon Jordan (ITTN), Kathryn McDonnell (Trade Manager, Spanish Tourism Office), Jenny Rafter (Head of Business Development for Leisure for Aer Lingus)

The Malaga airport experience was seamless. Once we had our Passenger Locator Form, PCR results and boarding card, it was business as usual. Once landed in Dublin Airport, we presented everything at security once more and were quickly homeward bound.

There are no friendships made like those made on a Fam trip. And I can say that while the world has changed, that feeling of friendship you get from a Fam trip still burns bright. A Salut and Slainte to my Malaga trip friends, new and of old, and in particular to our hosts the Spanish Tourist Board, Aer Lingus, Visit Andalusia, and the Costa Del Sol Tourism Board.



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