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The Future is Bright for Travel Counsellors

Travel Counsellors has announced impressive sales for the past year – and predicts future growth for 2013 as the company continues to go from strength to strength.

Despite the on-going uncertainty that the industry is facing, the company’s global sales for the financial year (ending 31st October 2012) were €443 million (£360m) from €426 million (£346m) the previous year, with sales in its Irish operation of 45 agents increasing by nearly €1 million to over €17 million.

Even more impressively, the company has seen a phenomenal 50% growth over the past four years, despite these being the most challenging times for the industry, bucking the economic trend and proving that ‘the future belongs to those that can build relationships with their customers’.

“In the face of some of the most severe circumstances within the industry, our Travel Counsellors have grown their businesses,’ commented Managing Director Steve Byrne. “This is testament to the way in which they embrace the support and technology available to them and focus on building invaluable relationships and trust with their customers. We are a people-based business and that is what makes us different: we dedicate all of our support to helping our agents to be successful, to grow their individual businesses and flourish in an industry they love.”

Travel Counsellors Ireland Sales
Ciara MacConnell, Cathy Burke and Bernie Whelan of the Cork head office are more than happy with the €17+ million sales achieved in 2012 by Travel Counsellors Ireland

Travel Counsellors Ireland

Over 80% of the company’s agents in Ireland are earning more than ever before and last year the company’s top 10 agents in the country earned an average of €55,000. The company expects this to increase further with the help of its own in-house dynamic packaging system, Phenix, which now represents over half of total sales.

Travel Counsellors Ireland has its own consolidated fares from Ireland, with most of the major airlines allowing agents to use these fares, along with fantastic accommodation prices, to tailor-make holidays for their customers. It also gives them the power to control their own margin and to dramatically increase their earning potential.

Irish General Manager Cathy Burke added: “I doubt that any other agents have achieved what our Travel Counsellors have achieved during what has been a very challenging time for the industry. We connect, engage, relate with and care for our customers, and it’s the little things we do that can make the biggest difference.

“In a recent survey, 69% of business people said that if they had to choose they would want a phone as the first tool of their business. It proves that people love people – they want someone who they can talk to and who will be there for them; they don’t want to book with a PC.”

Overseas Operations

Travel Counsellors has also seen impressive sales increases in its other overseas operations. These include its South African operation, launched in 2007, which experienced 11% growth last year – while its Australian operation had a 13% increase and sales in the Netherlands have also grown by 10%.

This international success was recognised last year when Travel Counsellors was listed in the Sunday Times International Fast Track list of the top 200 UK companies with the fasted growing international sales for the second year running.

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