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The best places to visit in 2022

Looking for a holiday that covers everyone on board? Well, look no further for the best places to visit in 2022.

Best for Families with Kids – Costa Dorada

Find a piece of Spanish heaven with a family holiday to Costa Dorada. Translated to ‘Golden Coast’, this 92 km of gorgeous sand runs south of Barcelona along the Mediterranean Sea. Bring the kids to Port Aventura for an action-packed day.

The theme park boasts rides for all ages and has its own private beach, It also has an Aquatic Park where you can lounge by the pool or get active on the slides. Costa Dorada is a perfect place for families looking for the perfect mix of relaxation, fun times and getting active.

Best activity/families with teenagers – Ibiza

Ibiza might be known as the clubbing capital of the world. But, if you thought it was all foam parties, bar crawls and electro music, then think again. Secluded coves, hippy markets, and tons of activities – look beyond San An, and you’ll hit perfect family holiday territory.

It wouldn’t be a Balearic without a healthy dose of beaches. And Ibiza’s got a pick ‘n’ mix of sandy sweeps, from hidden coves to long, golden swathes. There’s a bowling centre, which ticks off minigolf and a rodeo. And tucked behind Space nightclub is Aguamar Waterpark. It’s got a full range of slides for water babies of all ages. These kinds of activities are commonplace on the island.

Costa Dorada
Aguamar Water Park, Ibiza

Best for foodies – Algarve

It’s not just the Blue Flag Beaches that make holidays to the Algarve so popular – it’s also the fantastic variety of food on offer that makes them foodie heaven.  Portugal is famous for its seafood, especially grilled sardines, & the Algarve offers some of the best Portuguese food around. If you prefer more chilled out dining options, the Algarve will not disappoint with lots of simple or traditional eateries to try out. 

Best for Luxury – Mexico

Fancy retracing the thousand-year-old steps of the Ancient Maya people? There are more than a few impressive sights for you to explore on Mexico’s Caribbean Coast – with the most famous being the ancient city of Tulum. This crumbling civilisation is the home of Chichen Itza, which is now known as one of the seven new wonders of the world.

And there are several other temples for you to visit, including the impressive, towering El Castillo and the Templo Dios del Viento which guards the sea entrance to the city. Tulum is easy to get to from Cancun, so if you’re enjoying a sunshine holiday, it’s easy to get your culture fix, too. You can even mix beach and culture on a Multi-Centre holiday.

Enjoy a delicious meal in the Algarve
Chicken Itza, Tululm

Best for honeymoons – Maldives

For honeymooners, nothing compares to the Maldives’ just-married credentials. Private islands, speedboat transfers and sea views are pretty much the norm so you’ll feel like you’re getting star treatment wherever you stay. The archipelago’s trademark accommodation is stilted water villas, which come with four-poster beds and infinity views of the sea.

The islands’ restaurants, meanwhile, have turned romantic dinners into an art form. As everything is spread between so many pin-drop islands, you won’t clap eyes on a crowd anywhere.

Best adventure – Tenerife

Although famous for its nightlife & beaches, Tenerife is also a great destination for those who love a bit of adventure. Almost half of Tenerife is covered by nature reserves, with a huge variety of terrains for hiking, mountain biking and cycling.

Mount Teide is visible from many parts of Tenerife and at 12,198 ft., the giant volcano is Spain’s highest peak. For a real adrenaline rush, there are many places around the island where thrill-seekers can try paragliding, where you can soar over banana plantations and vineyards to land on a black sand beach.


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