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Thailand Leads Asia in International Visitor Spending – UNWTO Report

International visitors spent more money in Thailand than in any other Asian country in 2017, according to a UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) report.

The report said that Thailand recorded a total tourism expenditure of US$57 billion in 2017, ahead of Japan (US$34 billion), Hong Kong (US$33 billion), China (US$33 billion) and Taiwan (US$12 billion).
The figures are based on surveys tabulated from credit card spending data and the cash receipts in different countries around the world.

The survey also indicated that Thailand has everything for everyone, ranging from luxury villas on private islands to affordable street food, which is why tourists can always find good valuable experiences in Thailand.

UNWTO also predicted that tourism expenditure will increase in the next year, thanks to strong Thai tourism promotion campaigns and growing foreign investment in world-class hotels in Thailand.


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