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Tech-free travel and more city breaks: Royal Caribbean’s travel predictions for 2022

Royal Caribbean has listed tech-free travel and more city breaks in its travel predictions for 2022.

1. City breaks As many travellers opted to visit uncrowded holiday locations with large open spaces (or even the remote wilderness) throughout 2020/21, Royal Caribbean is predicting a return to the hustle, bustle and excitement of the urban city break in 2022.

The cruise brand’s new ship, Wonder Of The Seas, launching in March 2022 and set to be the world’s largest ship, is introducing a new 7 Night Western Mediterranean Cruise, which covers some of Europe’s very best city destinations, all in one hit. 

2. Tech-less travel (ditching google maps!): Put down google maps and see your new destination through your eyes, rather than through a screen. With some of the very best experts and guides for shore excursions, there is no need to be glued to google maps or looking to TripAdivsor for the best restaurant recommendations – let us show you the way, phone free.

3. Go big or go home 2022 is anticipated to be the ‘Roaring twenties’ and, after spending so long indoors, Royal Caribbean expects travellers will be looking to have fun and enjoy live entertainment, dancing and music whilst on future holidays.

Launching in 2023, the new Odyssey Of The Seas ship will feature hip hop, swing and ballroom dance classes by professional instructors, as well as multiple new nightlife venue.

4.   The rise of the ‘workation’: Leading on from the previous trend, travellers are increasingly seeking longer cruises, or back-to-back sailings for long periods of time, where they can work on board whilst exploring the world. Employees continue to embrace the benefits of flexible working, Royal Caribbean expects to see many more travellers embracing cruising whilst checking in on the day job. Our ships can accommodate working on-board, with six-times faster onboard Wi-Fi.


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