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Spain reopens for Irish visitors from 1st July

Wake the town and tell the people is the message from Spain as they announce that Irelands largest overseas destination is open for visitors with effect from the first of July.Spain is one of the top destinations in the World with more than 80 million foreign visitors per annum.

Spain is the number one destination for Irish visitors with 28% of the total population making it their choice for holidays.


On Saturday Spain’s President, Pedro Sanchez, said that Spain would open to foreign tourism in safe conditions. “Tourists can already plan their vacations in our country.  Tourism needs security at origin and destination.  The Spanish government will guarantee that tourists will not run any risks and that they will not bring any risk to Spain.  Spanish tourism, in addition to its art, culture, gastronomy, beaches and landscape, will add two more hallmarks: that of health safety and environmental sustainability.  Spain awaits you from July. Whoever visits Spain can count on stepping on safe ground, with a health guarantee and commitment to the sustainability of the planet”.In summary Spanish tourism will have two objectives going forward , health and safety and environmental sustainability.

The Minister for Foreign affairs announced that the quarantine for foreigners will be lifted, as of July 1st, but tourists will be subjected to health security measures at the points of entry. The head of Tourism, Reyes Maroto confirmed it and encouraged foreign visitors to enjoy their vacations in Spain this summer.



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