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Refund.me Compensation Website Launches in UK

Refund.me, the passenger compensation claims website set up in Germany in August 2012 in Germany by Eve Buechner, Chief Executive, an ex-TV presenter, has now launched in the UK.

Refund.me Eve Buechner

Refund.me is a service company that helps air passengers to obtain compensation for delayed, diverted and cancelled flights, “fast and unbureaucratically”. Its Advanced Business Logic technology uses the data entered by a passenger to see whether they are entitled to compensation, and generates the claim letter with all the required details. Any necessary signatures can be provided quickly and securely online.

If the claim is enforced successfully, the airline will pay compensation of up to €600. Refund.me keeps 25% of the compensation received (plus the statutory VAT) as a commission, and says it has “a Europe-wide network of experts specialised in exercising air passenger rights according to EU Regulation 261/2004”.


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