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AA Travel Insurance Study: 27% Can’t Afford a 2013 Holiday

Booking early, cheap last minute deals, a bit of good old fashioned haggling or opting for off-peak travel, are all some of the ways that holiday makers will be looking to save a few Euro this year. However not everyone who would like a holiday during 2013 will be fortunate enough to get away, according to a study carried out by AA Travel Insurance last month.

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Of a sample of over 9,000 people polled by the travel insurance provider during January, 27% said that a holiday during 2013 was totally out of the question for financial reasons. In addition, a further 20% indicated that they probably could not afford to get away.

Of those lucky enough to be planning a break away, booking at off-peak times would appear to be one of the most popular methods of trying to secure a cheaper holiday. Just 7% of respondents overall said they would have a go at haggling with a travel agent to squeeze a better deal out of them.

Of all the age categories included in the AA Travel Insurance poll, the highest percentage of respondents aged between 36-45, 39%, said there was no chance they would be able to afford a holiday during 2013. Inversely, the poll results suggest that limited finances are least likely to be a barrier to travel for the over 65s in the year ahead.

Respondents aged between 36-45, were also identified as the group most likely in general to book their holidays well in advance this year to avail of early bird deals. 42% of respondents within this age category said it was their intent to do so. This compares to a figure of just 15% among the total number of respondents polled by AA Travel Insurance.

Choosing to travel off-peak was most popular among the over 65s, with 30% saying they were planning to do so this year to avoid paying a premium for their holiday.

Whatever means chosen to secure the best value holiday, the AA advises holiday makers to think twice before going without travel insurance. As many as 10% of those polled by the travel insurance provider, or some 924 people, said it’s something that they never usually bother with. Many others said they will only opt for it if travelling to a destination where medical costs are high, the trip itself was expensive or they felt their chosen activities while abroad presented a high risk of physical injury.

“As far as insurances go, travel insurance is typically inexpensive and multi-trip policies tend to be the best value if you’ll be away more than once,” said Conor Faughnan, Director of Consumer Affairs, AA Ireland. “If you are running your holiday on a very tight budget this year the best option really is to shop around to get good value rather than go without. It’s one of those things, when you don’t need it you tend to forget you have it, but when you do, you’re relieved it’s in place.” 


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