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Princess to Offer On Board Sports Betting

Princess Cruises has announced that passengers will be able to bet on live sport while cruising, calling it an industry first. Passengers can use the line’s Ocean Sportsbook programme on the MedallionClass app and will allow them to place wagers in real time on all manner of international sporting events. However, sports betting will not be allowed within US waters, where gambling is strictly regulated – the ship must have sailed into international waters before the app allows passengers to place a bet.

Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises, said that passengers using the line’s MedallionClass technology can already stay connected to friends and family around the world with the app. “Now, with Ocean Sportsbook, they can also stay connected to their favourite teams and wager on a host of events whenever they sail with us. Taking a cruise vacation no longer means being disconnected from a big game, an iconic event or friends and family.”


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