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PATA Launches New Information Gathering Service to Overcome Covid-19

The Pacific Asia Travel Association has launched the PATA Crisis Resource Centre and Tourism Recovery Monitor. The organisation hopes the system will become a unified platform that provides reliable and up-to-date policy statements, authoritative information and tourism indicators from around the globe.

The aim is to provide a global centralised repository of reliable information for users based on their needs.

The PATA Crisis Resource Centre is a result of a pilot task force led by PATA immediate past chair, Sarah Mathews, to accumulate knowledge, generate support and help members and industry stakeholders across the globe access solutions by governments.

PATA vice chair, Soon Hwa Wong, also led a task force to establish the PATA Tourism Recovery Monitor, an integrated resource for strategic tourism planners and decision makers to keep fully abreast of the fast-changing environment.

Both initiatives are housed under one microsite.

Sarah said: “The travel and tourism industry has weathered many different types of crises; however, the current unprecedented pandemic poses a severe threat to the entire industry impacting on the economic livelihood of millions of people around the world. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council, up to 75 million jobs are at immediate risk globally, while travel and tourism GDP loss to the world economy is up to US$2.1 trillion.

“The centre will be a unified source of information for travel and tourism organisations to find solutions to the current crisis.”

The PATA Crisis Resource Centre and Tourism Recovery Monitor collates reliable data and information to assist all industry stakeholders as they deal with the current crisis.

The association is currently asking governments, and international and national organisations to seek their assistance in collecting information on aid and relief packages available to businesses in their respective destinations.

In addition, PATA will add further data and information that will be useful to organisations as they deal with the current situation.


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