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Over a Third of British Travellers Prefer to Go Alone, Reveals Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL)

Solo travel is climbing in popularity, with many people choosing to leave friends or family at home and go on a trip by themselves. Over one in three travellers (37%) claim they prefer to go it alone, and three in ten (31%) have already booked a solo holiday for 2023.

According to research commissioned by Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), the leading innovator in global cruise travel, two-thirds of people have indulged in a solo trip before, with the top reasons for doing so being to simply have a break (33%) or treat themselves (30%). Almost one in five (17%) booked a holiday to reconnect with themselves after a breakup. Not having to put up with annoying habits such as snoring from fellow travellers (18%) and no risk of drama or fallings out (17%) were revealed as some of the top perks of travelling solo.

Although there are clear positives, many still enjoy being sociable with other holidaymakers, with 29% claiming they’re still good friends with fellow travellers they met on vacation. The study of 2,000 adults further revealed that for a third (34%) of Brits who are yet to travel alone, a cruise (19%), a relaxing getaway (28%) and a city break (27%) score high on wish lists.

Gary Anslow, Head of UK and Ireland Business at NCL, said, “We can see from the survey that enjoying the beauty of travel on your own enables a truly authentic experience and provides for self-discovery and growth. Plus, meeting fellow solo travellers can even lead to long-lasting friendships.”

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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