One in Five Irish Adults Have Made Short-Term Travel Plans

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One in Five Irish Adults Have Made Short-Term Travel Plans

Travel plans are on the rise in Ireland, with just over one in five Irish adults (22 per cent) planning to take at least one trip in the next three months, up from 20% a month ago, according to Finder’s Travel Index. Ireland has seen its appetite for travel steadily rise over the past three months.

Finder’s inaugural February Travel Index report revealed just 15% of Irish adults planned to travel in the coming three months. That number rose to 20% by the March survey and now sits at 22% following the April survey.

Irish adults are most interested in travelling in July, with 10% planning to travel either domestically or abroad over the middle of summer, while 8% plan to travel in June and in May.

Senior writer at Finder, James Martin, says all this activity means Ireland has jumped up the global rankings. “The number of Irish adults with travel plans has grown steadily over the past few months and as a result we’ve seen the country jump from ranking 15th to 12th place for the percentage of people planning short-term travel.

“The data suggests that people in Ireland are becoming more curious about what their travel plans might look like over the end of spring and beginning of summer.

“While we don’t want to get too far ahead of ourselves, the government has signalled they’re working towards an arrangement to make Ireland part of the EU green passport scheme, which means holidays could be back on the cards by the summer months.”

Overall Malaysia (44%) ranks 1st out of 19 countries for the percentage of people who plan to travel over the next three months, followed by India (41%), the Philippines (39%) and Italy (38%).

At the other end of the spectrum are Canadians who rank dead last with just 16% planning any type of travel over the coming three months, followed by Singapore (19%) and New Zealand (20%).

Percentage planning to travel over the next three months (May, June, July)

  1. Malaysia (44.36%)
  2. India (41.15%)
  3. The Philippines (38.58%)
  4. Italy (37.83%)
  5. Russian Federation (36.59%)
  6. France (35.71%)
  7. The Netherlands (29.43%)
  8. Hong Kong, SAR (28.64%)
  9. United States of America (25.77%)
  10. United Kingdom (23.65%)
  11. Germany (22.47%)
  12. Ireland (22.18%)
  13. South Africa (21.63%)
  14. Brazil (21.18%)
  15. Australia (20.87%)
  16. Spain (20.84%)
  17. New Zealand (19.60%)
  18. Singapore (19.33%)
  19. Canada (16.49%)
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