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New Zealand will gradually reopen borders in coming weeks

Officials in New Zealand have confirmed the country will begin to reopen its borders in the coming weeks.

The New Zealand borders have been closed for nearly two years in response to the pandemic.

The border will initially open to vaccinated New Zealand citizens and visa holders coming from Australia, then from the rest of the world, and finally to all other vaccinated visitors.

  • February 28:New Zealand citizens in Australia can re-enter.
  • March 13: Vaccinated backpackers and skilled workers can re-enter.
  • April 12: Up to 5,000 international students can enter.

Tourists from visa-free countries like Australia will now only be allowed to enter New Zealand in July, with the rest of the world now unable to do so until October.

Prime minister Jacinda Ardern, explains the world must pick up where it left off.

“With our community better protected we must turn to the importance of reconnection. Families and friends need to reunite. Our businesses need skills to grow. Exporters need to travel to make new connections.”

New Zealand has seen some of the world’s toughest border lockdowns since the pandemic began.


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