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New Orient Express trains to offer luxury itineraries across Europe

Famed luxury train service the Orient Express is making a comeback. Accor, the French hospitality company that owns Orient Express, is launching a ‘La Dolce Vita’ programme in 2023, offering six trains taking in several popular European itineraries.

The concept for the new Orient Express La Dolce Vita trains pay tribute to “La Dolce Vita”, a historical period of glamour, joie de vivre and artistic fervour in Italy during the 1960s best exemplified by Federico Fellini’s film of the same name.

Six trains will embark through several itineraries across 14 regions and beyond, including three international destinations from Rome to Paris, Istanbul and Split. A stopover in Rome will feature the very first Orient Express Hotel, Minerva, scheduled to open in 2024.

In collaboration with local and international chefs and sommeliers, travellers will experience 5-star service on board, savouring the beauty and excellence of “Made in Italy” through award-winning Italian wines and exclusive haute cuisine.

Before departure at the Roma Termini station, the Orient Express executive lounge will welcome passengers offering them a selection of refreshments in a convivial and elegant space, complete with dedicated services and staff to assist them.

‘Unique’ travel experiences

The itineraries have been chosen to create unique travel experiences, all capable of awakening our five senses. Most will start in Italy and take in the majesty of the Alps, the charming Italian countryside and the collection of beaches in southern Italy.

In addition, three dedicated itineraries will take you through eight countries, linking Rome to Paris, Istanbul and Split.  

Stephen Alden, CEO Raffles and Orient Express, Accor said: “It is thrilling to be bringing the refined nomadic spirit of Orient Express back to life for a new generation of travellers.

“The original train route was innovative in the way it paradoxically brought cultures together – the Occident with the Orient, history with modernity.

“As artisans of travel, we wish to revive this old-world, awe-inspiring ‘journey to elsewhere’ and reconcile certain paradoxes: a journey and a destination, astonishment and inspiration, movement and contemplation.

“Against the backdrop of breathtaking panoramas and a unique blend of cultures, we are convinced that travelers will have unforgettable experiences in Italy with Orient Express La Dolce Vita.”


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