Moose Antler Ice Cream, Anyone? These Are The Most Bizarre Lithuanian Ice Cream Flavours

Moose Antler Ice Cream, Anyone? These Are The Most Bizarre Lithuanian Ice Cream Flavours

We all love an ice cream, but even the biggest gelato fan might pause before licking one of these Lithuanian cones.

This past summer, some creative Lithuanian chefs have invented some super unusual flavours, from the intriguing (organic cucumber and honey) to the downright bonkers (aged cheese and cranberries). Here are some of the flavours you can try yourself in Lithuania…

Black rye bread ice cream from Restaurant Compensa

 Black rye bread ice cream from Restaurant Compensa

Black rye bread 

Black rye bread is so essential in Lithuanian cuisine that the locals are now putting it in ice cream. Combining the Italian way of making gelato and organic Lithuanian ingredients, this option delivers a refreshing experience with salty and crunchy bread pieces. Visitors can try it at the restaurant “Compensa” in Palanga. In fact, you can find similar in Murphy’s – their brown bread ice cream has been on the menu for years.

Cucumber and honey

While the pairing of cucumber and honey may sound like a fancy Michelin-starred dessert, it is a classical Lithuanian treat and the ultimate taste of summer. Therefore, the chefs at “Labanoras” have come up with an ice cream recipe that captures this unmistakably Lithuanian palette of flavors.

Aged cheese “Džiugas” and cranberry

This ice cream is made by mixing the piquant flavors of sweet and silky cream made from the most popular Lithuanian hard cheese “Džiugas” and fresh and tangy cranberries—known by the locals as wild rubies. Served with a crunchy molten cheese biscuit, the country’s visitors can give it a taste at the restaurant “Porto.”

Moose antler and smoked seasonal berry

The unique combination of ingredients makes this ice cream perfect for those wanting to try a particularly extravagant dessert. According to the chefs at “Cordo.22” the mixed flavors of moose antlers powder (which the males in the wild shed each year), smoke-infused seasonal berries, and locally produced aged malt delivers a once-in-a-lifetime frosty experience.

Frozen yogurt dessert with salad sorbet and cucumbers

The chefs at “Palaima” have dedicatedthis frozen yogurt dessert for those looking for something sweet yet exotic. The frozen white chocolate flavored yogurt is served together with fresh cucumber strips and a frosty green sorbet that is made from fennel, romaine lettuce, fresh mint, and other spice herbs.

Pažaislis tea rose

Though tea roses have adorned the Pažaislis Monastery—the largest one in Lithuania and the most renowned example of Baroque architecture in the country—for centuries, this year the kitchen chef of “Monte Pacis” has decided that these fragrant flowers would make for an outstanding ice cream flavoring reflecting the monastery’s floral atmosphere.

Restaurant_Monte Pacis_Linden blossom ice cream (2)

Linden blossom ice cream with the Imperial honey cake from Monte Pacis

Linden blossom ice cream with the Imperial honey cake

This smooth and icy treat is infused with the flavor of linden blossom—the Lithuanian symbol of gentleness and delicateness. Made with modern ice cream technology by the chefs at “Monte Pacis”, it is served with a slice of crunchy honey cake “Medutis”— a treat inspired by the ancient recipes from the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

Avocado ice cream with melon puree

With vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate ice cream coming out of fashion in Lithuania, the sweet and nutty avocado—a fruit that is successfully conquering the world of food—is also making its way into the land of frozen Lithuanian delights. Travelers can enjoy it at the villa-restaurant “Miško natos.”

Browned butter ice cream with caramelised pears

The chefs at “SALA Plateliai Resort” have made sure that the sweet browned butter mixed with cool vanilla ice cream freezes instantly, creating crunchy flakes of caramel. Meanwhile, the caramelized pears served on the side balance the flavor and add some fruity freshness.

This 2021 list of ice cream offers a glimpse into the unexpected flavours that tourists can taste in Lithuania. The full country’s map with dozens of different ice cream parlours and restaurants can be found here.

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