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Menorca: What the Experts Say

Read articles from top travel journalists about their amazing Menorcan experiences, from enjoying the entertainment and activities of the family-friendly resorts and delectable cuisine in the local restaurants to exploring the green countryside, quiet fishing villages and unique aspects to this idyllic and relaxing island.

Walking in sunshine in a hikers paradise

“Damien Fahey says Menorca has even more to offer than just beautiful beaches and good nightlife. Menorca may have the four classical summer traits in abundance – sun/sea/sand and family-friendliness – but the most exciting aspect of this Balearic package is the amount of …..” Click here to read more: The Herald, Damien Fahey, 16th June 2015

Magic Menorca – Stunning hot spot has it all

“A wonderful mecca of unexpected magnificence, where you are surprised every day by the quality on offer. Not least of the gastronomic delights synonymous with the island….it is the world-renowned gin – Gin Xoriguer – that sets the bar high for all competitors……..” Click here to read more: Irish Daily Star, John O’Dowd, 13th June 2015

Sun-soaked paradise the perfect spot for family getaway

“Menorca is the perfect destination for young families and those seeking to escape the non-stop madness of the modern world…. when you arrive in Menorca it’s time to relax, safe in the knowledge that the loudest sounds will be the birds singing in the harbour, the wind whistling through the dunes or glasses clinking in the many open air restaurants…….” Click here to read more: The Irish Sun, Damien Lane, 20th June 2015

Menorca is a truly untapped jewel in Spain’s crown

“Who would ever have imagined that a sun-drenched island in the Mediterranean could be in any way comparable with the West of Ireland. As the sun glistens in the clearest of seas, the landscape of Menorca is coated in lushes of green trees and fields… What sets the island apart from home is quite obviously the……” Click here to read more: The Irish Examiner Weekend, Paula Burns, 11th July 2015

The Mediterranean at its bucolic best

“That someone had the idea to carve a bar and nightclub into its face, elevates it to the spectacular. That I or no one else in my party had heard of it before tells you how great a secret not only it is, but the island that it’s on. Menorca – The Mediterranean’s best kept secret…….” Click here to read more: Sunday Independent Living, Christopher Jackson, 28th June 2015

Carved out of a cliff is the coolest bar on earth

“It’s not a party island like Ibiza or Majorca…… It took me 36 hours to realise what felt so unusual about this friendly, sun-drenched island. And as I felt myself relax at the ATM, it hit me: Menorca feels safe. The crime rate is low and it has a very laid-back vibe making it ideal for families, young and old. ……” Click here to read more: The Irish Mail on Sunday, Heidee Martin, 26th July 2015


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