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Meet Westport-based Travel Counsellor Emer McDermott…

In 2017, Emer McDermott moved her Mayo-based business, the highly regarded agency McDermott Travel, to be a part of independent travel company Travel Counsellors.

“I had my own travel agency for years, and I was familiar with that model — you had a shop, and people came in and used your services. However, way back when I thought of Travel Counsellors, I had this image that I would be based from home, and I couldn’t see that working for me,” says Emer. “It was only after meeting Cathy Burke and Bernie Whelan from Travel Counsellors Ireland’s Head Office that I was encouraged to look at Travel Counsellors in a different way. I could really work wherever I wanted and that was a clincher for me. Now I have a lovely unit in an Enterprise Centre in Westport and if my clients need to come and see me, we make an appointment.”

Emer realised that partnering with Travel Counsellors meant she could grow her business even further, without the huge overheads of running a busy shop.

“The big ‘aha moment’ for me,” explains Emer, “was that you are not closing, changing or going backwards. You are actually moving forward with a Travel Counsellors partnership, and in a much better way.”

Bernie Whelan, Business Development Manager, explains how you can get in touch…

Video: https://youtu.be/hFwQcDoDSGE


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