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Malaysia Airlines to Join Oneworld in February

Malaysia Airlines will become a full member of Oneworld with effect from Friday 1st February 2013. The airline received clearance following a review of its readiness conducted by Qantas, which is sponsoring its entry into the alliance.

Malaysia Airlines A380

Malaysia Airlines is already participating in Global Explorer, the round-the-world fare offered by all Oneworld members and various airlines that are not part of the alliance. From 1st February, Malaysia Airlines’ network, which serves more than 60 destinations in nearly 30 countries, will be covered by Oneworld’s range of alliance fares and sales products.

Malaysia Airlines will substantially expand the alliance’s network in South East Asia, where it will add 14 destinations and one country, Brunei, to the Oneworld map. Its addition will expand Oneworld’s global coverage to 840 destinations in 156 countries.

Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Malaysia Airlines’ Group Chief Executive, said: “Oneworld membership represents one of the most significant achievements to date for Malaysia Airlines. It will strengthen our competitive position considerably, enabling our customers to enjoy a truly global network together with our partners who include some of the best and biggest airlines in the world, while enabling us also to tap into all the financial benefits that come from being part of a global alliance, through additional passenger feed and cost reduction opportunities.”


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