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Liquidator Announces Sales of Joe Walsh Pilgrimtours

Joe Walsh Pilgrimtours Ltd has been put up for sale by the liquidators, one month after it announced that it had ceased trading.

An ad placed by KPMG describe the company as a “well-established Irish travel provider for holidays and pilgrimages from Ireland and the UK”.

JWT was one of Ireland’s oldest and best-known tour operators. Founded in 1961 by Joe Walsh, the company grew into one of the country’s top travel companies, specialising in – amongst other things – pilgrimage tours and escorted tours.

It also focused on sports travel and became a byword for organised trips to high-profile sporting events. The company had passed from Joe Walsh’s hands into those of his two sons, Barry and David.

The company hadn’t traded since the beginning of the pandemic last year, but it did remain open to process refunds and rebookings.

It is estimated that its 3,000 creditors are owed around €5 million, including many of its customers who are entitled to make claims through the Commission for Aviation Regulation.

There is no indication of what price the company might get or whether a buyer has been lined up.


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