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Las Vegas Updates the Irish Travel Media

Welcoming the media in the elegant  surroundings of the Wellington Room in Dublin’s  Merrion Hotel, Tryphavana Cross, Account Director Las Vegas CVA thanked all the media present for their continuing support and looked forward to working to promote Las Vegas in 2016.

Cathy Tull, Senior Vice President, Las Vegas CVA, gave a joint toast to Ireland and Las Vegas and explained that Ireland was a very important market to Las Vegas, where the product continues to evolve at a breathtaking pace.

Caroline  Coyle and Cathy Tull  cam all way from Las Veags for the dinner in the Merrion Hotel.
Caroline Coyle and Cathy Tull came all way from Las Vegas for the dinner in the Merrion Hotel

On one of her regular visits back to Dublin, Caroline Coyle, Vice President Brand Strategy, who moved to the USA 30 years ago and still has not lost the hint of her Irish accent, updated the media with details of progress in hotels and entertainment – there are now 150,544 beds available in Las Vegas.

The evening started with a cocktail reception and the excellent dinner menu chosen by Tryphavana and introduced by Executive Chef Ed Cooney was enjoyed by all.

As always, Las Vegas does everything spectacularly well.



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