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James Bond gets his First-Ever Official Travel Partner

Last week marked the 60th anniversary of James Bond in the cinema. To mark the event, EON Productions, the group behind the making of the James Bond empire has picked travel company Black Tomato to be the exclusive and first-ever official 007 travel partner.

Whether you love or loathe 007, few of us would turn down the opportunity to travel like him!

Black Tomato, a UK and US-based luxury travel company have been a growing name when it comes to unique travel experiences. They’ve been in business since 2006; the unusual name comes from a circumstance during the founding members’ travels in Russia, where they discovered the black tomato in a Ukrainian restaurant in Moscow.

“The way we approach travelling is to connect travel to people’s wider passions,” said Tom Marchant, co-founder of Black Tomato.

It all kicks off next year in March 2023, with a multi-country European itinerary to celebrate the continent which has hosted so many Bond films over the past 60 years. 

Black Tomato has worked with the Bond team, including some of the film franchise’s location scouts, to pay homage to the stylish spy’s most memorable travel plans.

“Whether it’s travel, accommodation or outstanding dining experiences, every aspect of the trip has signifier Bond moments and aspects that will be brought to life,” said Mr Marchant. “As much as I can’t reveal too much right now, we’ve been pouring over the books, researching every detail. We’re all about thoroughness and taking every opportunity to show to the clients that we’ve thought about them and what they’re doing.”

I think we can safely assume that plenty of vodka martinis will be drunk on this trip.

Emer Roche
Emer Roche
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