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ITTN Travel Tip Tuesday

Hopefully – probably? – we’ll be back travelling soon, but for now we’ll keep sharing our travel tips!

This week’s #TravelTipTuesday comes from the amazing Emma McHugh of Atlantic Travel ✈ Emma’s ready with her limited edition ITTN travel mug and here are her 5 travel tips:






  1. Maximise your suitcase by rolling – not folding – your clothes; and don’t forget to use the inside of your shoes for extra storage space.
  2. Start taking Vitamin B two weeks prior to travelling to deter pesky mozzies.
  3. Avon’s Skin so Soft is better than any insect repellent – so good the US Army use it for this purpose AND it smells fab!
  4. Always pack baby wipes even if travelling without little ones.
  5. Always have a fully charged battery pack in your hand luggage ✈

If you’ve got some must-share travel tips and want to impart that wisdom to the wider travel community, send your Top Five Travel Tips to [email protected] – you can also message us on Facebook or DM us on Instagram.


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